perlbrew 0.20 release

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perlbrew 0.20 is released, YAY.

There are there major featuring updates:

Please read the perlbrew 0.20 release announcement for full details.

Also in about the same time, Devel::PatchPerl 0.32 is released, the big major change is to deal with building issue on Ubunto 11.04. (Big thanks to autarch !)

If you are willing to try, please install or upgrade perlbrew this way:

curl -L | bash

That installer bash script installs perlbrew and patchperl executables. patchperl is required to fix the building process of old perls on new systems.

If your are installing perlbrew for the first time, please following the message to add one line to your ~/bashrc or ~/.tcshrc.

Once this is done, your newly opened shell should be able to find both perlbrew and patchperl program just fine. You should be able to brew perl-5.12.3 on Ubuntu 11.04 from there.

If you bump into problems, please report to our Github Issues page.