perlbrew 0.12 release

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It has been a while since last perlbrew release and I'm very happy to release perlbrew 0.11 in my trip to YAPC::Asia, a great YAPC in Japan that keeps me hacking for perl community.

This version has a very major change -- it has a better integration with bash and zsh. If you're upgrading, please re-run:

perlbrew init

To have a new perlbrew bashrc around. New installs should be just fine. CSH / TCSH users might have some buggy experiences so it's not recommend to for you guys to install this version unless you want to send me pull requests, which is highly appreciated.

The bash integration can let you smoothly use different perl version in different shells without effecting others. There is a new command 'use' that let you switch locally:

perlbrew use perl-5.12.2

perlbrew switch still switch perl version globally. Consider that the "default" perlbrew perl for new shells.

perlbrew now exports these 3 variables to bash:


They are not supposed to be modified by users, but they can be used to perform further integration to editors like vim or emacs.

Oh, and a secret here: perlbrew install-cpanm now install cpanm to a path that won't be switched off when you switch between perls. In other words, cpanm always stays around just like thecpan. This is not documented (yet) but cpanm will be automatically intsalled when one installs perlbrew. Yes, perlbrew and cpanm were allied in the YAPC::Asia hackathon. Miyagawa and I were not on drugs, we were just eating some Taiwan pineapple cakes.

Update: perlbrew 0.11 has a major problem. Please download perlbrew 0.12 instead.