September 2010 Archives

Err.... counter!

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Somehow I am still asked to place a website counter for $websites in the year of 2010. I recalled there was an awesome javascript-based counter service errcount but that website is gone. So I decided to write a tiny one.

Migrate to new perl with cpan autobundle

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This almost becomes a monthly task: How can I easily re-install all CPAN modules to my newly installed perl ?

A simple way to specify dependencies

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Question: What is the simplest and quickest way for a developer to specify a list of dependent CPAN modules so that other developers can easily install them ?

Hippie with HAProxy

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I wrote a Web::Hippie-based vanilla web chatroom at

However, I just recently know that nginx reverse proxy is only doing HTTP/1.0 to backends. This means apps powered by Web::Hippie simply does not work. If the app need to be available at port 80, nginx is not helpful.

本機 gem server

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看裝好的 rubygems 的方式是: 執行指令:gem server,然後打開瀏覽器看。可是這樣總是有點煩,為何不將 gem server 變成 rack app,然後嵌在 nginx 中,隨時可看呢?