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Perl 5.13.2 的 package 區塊語法

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Perl 5.13.2 中有一項很值得一提的變動是加上 package 區塊的語法。

Define method on objects

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This idea has been brewing in my head ever since I blogged about Mocking, and I finally decide to name it: Object::Method.

Deleted CGI-Vote dist from CPAN

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CGI::Vote was one of my early modules way back. That module is now useless and it’s easy to be replaced with a few lines of Dancer, Catalyst, or Jifty code. I finally decided to remove it from CPAN. If anyone still want it for any reason, please find it in my backpan dir . However, whatever reason you have I really recommend you to MOVE ON to new Plack-based web toolchains.


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隨意了解了一下 HTML5 Video 與 WebM 方面的一些實務知識,很是零亂,不記下來是忘,記下來只怕也是忘。