Jifty on Plack

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This does not hit CPAN yet but @clkao has announced on jifty-devel mailing list  that the Plack support is integrated into the jifty master.

The newly generated jifty app will create an 'app.psgi' by default, which contains the following code:

use Jifty;

This essentially returns a Plack app. From there you can run:


to start a server with plack. Which also means you can run:


to launch the pre-forking Starman web sever, and:


to use the AnyEvent-based, lightweight Twiggy server.

The best part, is that you can use 'cpanm' to install everything real quick with cpanm:

cpanm Starman
cpanm Twiggy
git clone http://github.com/bestpractical/jifty
cd jifty
cpanm .

Pretty cool.