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cpanm: 快速輕便的 CPAN 模組安裝程式

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cpanm 是個十分快速的小工具,不用任何設定,就可以開始安裝 cpan module。比起完整的 CPAN.pm Shell 而言,它有一點點不足之處,但實測幾次之後發現,那些都是比較無關痛養的部份。


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A shiny link hover effect.

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This is why you use Safari.

LESS.app For Mac OS X -- LESS CSS app

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給 OSX 用的 LESS CSS 自動 Compiler。見 http://incident57.com/less/。網頁中的 Reviews 一欄是純搞笑。

HTML5 Video 小抱怨

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html5 video 最大的問題是: 瀏覽器可能會放不動。Web App Programming 的謎事則為:所有人都先一味地在瀏覽器上瘋狂加蓋,然後討論這地基不深,瓶頸太細。結論則是,世間要花金銀升級硬體來滿足自身的讀網需求以及網頁規格這十年來的演進與重構。

Readibility: 發人省思的 Bookmarklet

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Readability 是一個 Bookmarklet 小工具,祂能做的事,便是將目前看的網頁,去蕪存菁;(非常神奇地)找出重要的部份,然後以最古典、舒適的方式呈現出來。

Upgraded to MTOS 5

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It's done. I chose the Pico theme after seeing and inspired by the Readability Bookmarklet earlier today.

The upgrade is easy, however, I need to vim the Markdown.pl a bit to get around to this "Wide character in subroutine entry" bug that block all publishing.

Took a little while to understand the relations between a "Website" and a "Blog". I think I like MTOS5 so far. The new admin UI looks sharp. Maybe it'll make me write more. I do hope so.

Tip: Install a CPAN module directly from URL

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I wonder how many people know this. With CPANPLUS, you can install any cpan module directly from its tarball URL:

cpanp -i http://search.cpan.org/CPAN/authors/id/M/MI/MIYAGAWA/Plack-0.99_02.tar.gz

Very handy, indeed.

Capify The Pony

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I managed to deploy Jifty apps with Capistrano.

Capistrano is a tool for deploying Rails apps, however, with some small tweaks, it can be used to deploy Jifty apps.