DNS Benchmarking

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The namebench is a GUI tool that tells you how DNS performed based on your own browser history. Based on the fact that I often visit the websites that I have already visited before, I really like such idea.

I ran namedbench several times, it always tells me that google public dns ( is about 150% faster then Hinet DNS, which is my ISP DNS. Because the ping latency to is actually 2ms longer, that makes me wonder about if this benchmark is really accurate.

So I wrote of this dns-benchmark perl program myself, which visits my Safari browsing history records in the same time order, and record the total time required on different DNS name servers, namely, (Hinet-1), and (Hinet-2).

My result verifies namebench's result, that is indeed very fast: (The numbers are times in seconds) 38.4908065795898 165.176225423813 1172.84540605545

There might be some unknown network issues when running, for it is 1000% longer. I will just ignore that result for now.

The total number of history entires is 1021. Many of their hostnames are duplicated, I do not remove those duplicated entries because I want to make this benchmarking acts more like what is happening in the real life. As you can see the in the result, google public dns beats Hinet dns - much more then just 150%.