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Recommending: lesscss

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LESS CSS is a nice tool to simply your CSS work. It extends the syntax of CSS itself a little bit to make many tedious work easier. For instance, you can write nested rules:

.hd {
    color: #000;
    .title { font-size: 140%; }

And that compiles to:

.hd { color: #000; }
.hd .title { font-size: 140%; }

This is my favorites feature of LESS among others.

Plurking in Perl

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Net-Plurk and AnyEvent-Plurk are fine, but they are sometimes too big for one small purpose.

url2qrcode bookmarklet

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這個 bookmarklet 把目前網頁轉成 qrcode / This bookmarklet displays a qrcode for current URL:


在需要即時將網址傳到手機上時好用 / Particularly useful for sending an URL to phone.

DNS Benchmarking

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The namebench is a GUI tool that tells you how DNS performed based on your own browser history. Based on the fact that I often visit the websites that I have already visited before, I really like such idea.

總之 nginx 是個又快又好又不用吃草的 http server,而現下 passenger 也己經做了 nginx 模組,所以也沒什麼理由不來試用一下。