Git Graphing

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Once in a while I see this sort of git commit graph in my gitx window:

git commit graph

Beautiful. Then I suddenly had this idea to draw this Taipei MRT route map with git, such that it can be viewed with gitx:

Possible ? Definitely.

There are many ways to do it, I came up with this approach:

The finished git repository is here: Taipei-MRT-In-Git

To see it, do this:

git clone git://
cd Taipei-MRT-In-Git

The program that can build the repository is here: git-build-tmrt-map

One thing that makes it looks less like a route map is, gitx shows the graph line by line. Therefore, I rolled up my own git-graphviz tool to make it look better. Here is the result:

Maybe someone can take the chanllange to draw Tokyo JR route map with git: