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In the SD master branch, there's a program 'git-sd' that can be used with git command. Here's how I setup with my Test::Continuous

With the latest master version of git-sd, it's very simple. You just start by cloning the RT, and you're DONE.

> cd ~/git/Test-Continuous
> git sd clone --from 'rt:|Test-Continuous|'

By default, git-sd setup the SD repository inside .git directory and point the config "sd.local-replica" to there. If you'd like change that to, say, just ".sd", you can do this (before the clone command):

> git config --add sd.local-replica `pwd`/.sd

The clone argument`rt:|Test-Continuous|` is not a URL, but just how you represent an RT replica. Running this, you'll be prompted for username and password. Twice, for some reason. Then these progressing messages:

rt:|Test-Continuous|: Discovering ticket history
rt:|Test-Continuous|: Fetching ticket 36596 - 1 of 3
.... (deleted)
rt:|Test-Continuous|: Applying changeset 12 of 13
rt:|Test-Continuous|: Applying changeset 13 of 13

That's all. From this point, you'll be able to use "git-sd" command (or "git sd") to track your tasks. Like, 'git sd ticket list', 'git sd log' etc. I aliased 'gsd' to 'git sd' for short. It merely just finds SD_REPOS from git config, but it's very handy.