Test::Continuous can now run tests on the remote host

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I just released Test::Continuous 0.66 a few hours ago that supports TAP::Harness::Remote

Use the installed autoprove program to do so:

autoprove --harness TAP::Harness::Remote t/*.t

This requires you to have an already working ~/.remote_test configuration. Mine is something like (in YAML format):

ssh: /usr/bin/ssh
  - /Users/gugod/git/Net-Redmine
  - /Users/gugod/git/Test-Continuous
  - /Users/gugod/git/Acme-Boolean
  - /Users/gugod/git/Railsish
  - /Users/gugod/git/Binding
user: gugod
host: example.com
root: /home/gugod/tmp/local/root
perl: /usr/bin/perl -Ilib -Iinc
master: 1
  - -x
  - -C
  - --exclude
  - 'blib|.git'
  NET_REDMINE_TEST: 'http://localhost:30000/projects/test admin admin'

If prove --harness TAP::Harness::Remote t/*.t works for you, then you should be good switching to autoprove. If not, feel free contact me with the problem you met.

This is very helpful when I'm testing Net::Redmine , since I also need to start up a redmine server to test with, running tests on a remote, powerful server is generally faster.