More HTTP::Engine documents

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I just happened to find a Perl Programming book on, too bad that it does not have rich content on it. So I wrote a page about HTTP::Engine:

It feels good if the content of that book can contains at least the introductory level of web frameworks in Perl, but there are just too many of them.

Also I would think it makes even more sense to write Modern Perl Programming instead of just plain old Perl Programming. Reason ? instead of always just telling people TIMTOWTDI, we can simply show that it's easy to write an modern-style of code for then language of Perl5, was first born (released) in 1994.

Quote from the perlhist perldoc:

> Perl 5 introduced everything else, including the ability to introduce everything else.
Maybe it's time to seal the world TIMTOWTDI for a while and rebase our mind into a different level. There are way more powerful competitors in the jungle, and we are no longer in a good position as we used to be. It's a problem, how do we deal with it ?