Today's road biking

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So I tried to use EveryTrail on my iPhone to track my biking trail. LIke all other similar softwares, it uploads the trail to its own website and let you and public view on the website, but not within the software it self. That's ok.

Somehow the starting point of the map is seriously wrong. Maybe I pushed the start button too early while I was still too close to the apartment building, but still, that offset is like 20km, longer the my whole trail. Very bad.

So here's the map produced by that everytrail software:

Simple road biking at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail:GPS Geotagging

I found it quite OK to ride along the side of 旱溪 during this noon-ish timing. No heavy crazy traffic, nor too many traffic lights. Considering doing this route again.