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  • 看剛剛地震幾級
  • 看天氣預報

而且事實上我平常也不太看天氣預報的,就算有看,也會間接地在 yahoo 或是在電視畫面上看到,倒不會真的需要到中央氣象局網頁去看。因此,前者發生的機會可說是遠大於後者。更何況,其他媒體都不會立刻報出地震的情況。

Today's road biking

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So I tried to use EveryTrail on my iPhone to track my biking trail. LIke all other similar softwares, it uploads the trail to its own website and let you and public view on the website, but not within the software it self. That’s ok.

Somehow the starting point of the map is seriously wrong. Maybe I pushed the start button too early while I was still too close to the apartment building, but still, that offset is like 20km, longer the my whole trail. Very bad.

HTTP::Engine is an abstraction layer over several environments that an web application might be deployed under. For example, CGI, FastCGI, mod_perl, or stand-alone application server. It’s not a full-featured web-appication framework, but a helpful library when writing applications. This kinds of idea is especially tasteful when it comes to testing — because it’s often cumbersome to fully prepare the environment for testing.

Good evils in Perl

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My talks for OSDC.TW 2009, roughly introduced perl features / CPAN modules that I categorized them as “good” and “evil” ones. I should’ve mentioned that they are actually dependent to each other in code in the conclusion.


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要自動化測試網頁應用程式,除了 Selenium 之外,還有 Watir 這個工具可以使用。如果再加上 Cucumber 的話,更是如虎添翼。

在 Win32 環境底下,用 IE 跑網頁程式測試,比較速度的話,Watir 勝過 Selenium 許多。猜想是因為以 OLE 方式實作的關係。