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Steal This Film II

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只看了前 10 秒的片頭,不過由於其內容的關係讓我不得不立刻寫篇文章請大家立刻把這部片下載來看:

網站上有 XVID, iPod (mp4), HD (我想是 mp4 或 avi), DVD (我想是DVD ISO) 這四種格式的 torrent 種子檔可以下載。也有各國字幕的 srt 檔(有繁體中文)。


Git mirror of Emacs repository

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很難想像這年頭還有軟體計畫依然用 cvs 用得好好的,而且還是 Emacs。

不過仍然有人做了個唯讀版的 Emacs git mirror:


說是唯讀是因為 commit 時還是用 CVS。

我想也許有一點他們會試著使用 git-cvsserver 來過渡。

If you are using IE and/or do not have a good debugger or console.log-ish style of tool, here's some other quick and good alternatives to alert():

  1. windows.status = message;
  2. location.hash = message;
  3. jQuery("input[type='text']").val(message);
They are better because they are all non-blocking statements.

Google Friend Connect widget

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Following drake, just setup my google friend connect in this blog. Please join it if you're interested. :)

Not sure what's happening... but my Macbook Air UI freezes when I plug-in my ear pod. By "UI Freezes", I mean that I am able to move my mouse cursor, capslock working, but none of those windows are responding to my clicking and typing.