Launch at shimo-kitazawa, a nice place called "sunny brunch". Not really like an American way of brunch but more like a /lightweight lunch/, I'd say. It's a very big place, big tables, big walls with big painting on it.

A blond girl sitting right behind me talking totally loud in perfect English. This place must be very foreigner-friendly. She is almost the only one speaking in the room for most of the time.

My drink is a cup of cappuccino, but it comes without a cup, but a freaking big bowl.

My drink for lunch.

Very creative.

It seems to me that the concept of light-weight applys to every domain in this place. Wearing, decoration,interior design, meals. desert too. The cake we ordered is a piece of strawberry with cream muse. Not as sweet as you would guess it might be. Just the enought amount of sweet. That should be explain why there are so many young gilrls having launch here.

Found that the latest IWGP book is the 7th. G-boy fight or something. On the shelf of a book store named 古書ビビビ (Used book bi-bi-bi). Funny name.

At terrapin cafe

Small and family style. Old fashion funitute, a stylish place.

Another two sets of customers came in right after us. There is an interesting poster inside the restroom titled "greateful dead." It seems like that the name "terrapin" came from the band because the poster has a terrapin station and two turtles singing.

The wikipedia entry tells me that, Terrapin Station is the name of their album, and the album cover is actually the big poster in their rest room.

Found two comic books by 吉田戦車 at Book-off. Maybe I should get them.

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