Cafe Noisette, a French coffee. Similar to espresso macchiato.

At books cafe, still feel too sick. Bad bad bad. Getting sick in traveling is really the least wanted happenings. Happened to me twice!

This place is pretty cool with all thouse tremenderous amount of books on the wall.

Quiet place, playing quiet kind of jazz music that is not too intrusive to your hearing. Easy furniture setup for book lovers to grab a book from the wall, or for coffee maniacs to enjoy cups of coffee.

The skyliner passed over us when our train stopped at Sakura (佐倉 ), the place with the same name as sakura flower (櫻). We are only about fiften minutes latter then skyliner.

On the plane. Done reading an article in Newsweek titled "A miracle year", saying how bio-scientists had a major breakthrough in the year 2007. No hard English except for those biological terms. Can't call them difficult, they are quite innocent for being a word in the science domain. Regardless of the miracle that gene has been fully deciphered, it mentioned the failure of US gov investment on the biotech domain, and two success biotech enterprenurs. This must mean something.

On the highway taxi in Taiwan. Or like a privte illegal taxi. This is a pretty cloudy sunny weekend in Taiwan, and I almost forgot how it was in nippori already. Pretty much just like you've just wake up from a dream, then can't recall any content inside the dream. The context switched smoothly, and fast.

Last night before we went to bed, I was having a mini bowl of うどん, and them I wake up in my home, my own bed. Just like the feeling when you reach those horizontal separators in the middle of a chapter to tell you: It's a different storyline from here, be prepared.

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