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這些顏色是 gmail 的編輯器上可以選的顏色:
    var colors = [


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最近這兩個星期斷斷續續花了一些時間看 oauthSpec。先簡單瞄了一下作者群:
  • Mark Atwood (me@mark.atwood.name)
  • Richard M. Conlan (zeveck@google.com)
  • Blaine Cook (blaine@twitter.com)
  • Leah Culver (leah@pownce.com)
  • Kellan Elliott-McCrea (kellan@flickr.com)
  • Larry Halff (larry@ma.gnolia.com)
  • Eran Hammer-Lahav (eran@hueniverse.com)
  • Ben Laurie (benl@google.com)
  • Chris Messina (chris@citizenagency.com)
  • John Panzer (jpanzer@acm.org)
  • Sam Quigley (quigley@emerose.com)
  • David Recordon (david@sixapart.com)
  • Eran Sandler (eran@yedda.com)
  • Jonathan Sergent (sergent@google.com)
  • Todd Sieling (todd@ma.gnolia.com)
  • Brian Slesinsky (brian-oauth@slesinsky.org)
  • Andy Smith (andy@jaiku.com)
  • 與 flickr API 所呈現出的概念十分相似。
  • 使用者可以因此在各處操作自已的資產,卻不需提供存取資產所需的機密資料
    • 資產:如 flickr 上的照片
    • 各處:如 hypoDot,hypoDot 可讀取使用者在 flickr 上的照片
    • 存取資產所需的機密資料:使用者的 flickr 帳號與密碼
  • 名詞(自譯)
    • 使用者(User):將個人資產放在提供商系統上管裡的人
    • 提供商(Service Provider):存放使用者資產的系統。
    • 消費商(Consumer):欲操作儲存在提供商之使用者資產的系統
  • Auth 同時表示 Authentication 與 Authorization
  • Spec 內容主要著重於:提供商與消費商之間如何進行交易,在經過使用者同意、認可(Authorize)的前提之下,讓消費商可以不必知道使用者的登入資訊 (Credentials),便能存取其資產。
  • 此三方交易的實做細節定義在 HTTP 之上。但其實不必限制於網站應用程式。
  • 與 OpenID 解決的問題不同,也不類似。(名稱上倒是有點容易造成誤解)
    • OpenID:讓大家知道你是誰
    • OAuth:讓你能在各處使用你自已的資產(Auth means both Authorize and Authentication)
  • 消費商不必知道你的帳號,它也不必知道你是誰。它只是要用你的資料而已。
  • 與其他「遠端登入」系統也不一樣(如 TypePad、Google Auth) 也不一樣。理由同前。
  • 在實做方面,倒是與 OpenID / TypePad / Google Auth 類似。提供商與消費商兩方要經過數次交易,交換一些機密。不同的只有最後拿到的資料,OAuth 的消費商不會需要知道使用者的帳號,但其他三者就是要知道使用者的帳號。
而 Perl 模組已經有了,近期的修改似乎也很積極,不過沒有文件:http://search.cpan.org/dist/Net-OAuth/


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A to Z cafe

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10/2 表參道。A to Z 咖啡店。在五樓的這裡,可以看見 Prada 的建築。年輕的女店員很習慣外國人的存在,她們交談著。男性店員的藍色 T shirt 上頭寫著「北京」兩字(與其拼音 Peking),來回奔走著。


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Cafe Noisette, a French coffee. Similar to espresso macchiato.

At books cafe, still feel too sick. Bad bad bad. Getting sick in traveling is really the least wanted happenings. Happened to me twice!

This place is pretty cool with all thouse tremenderous amount of books on the wall.

Quiet place, playing quiet kind of jazz music that is not too intrusive to your hearing. Easy furniture setup for book lovers to grab a book from the wall, or for coffee maniacs to enjoy cups of coffee.

The skyliner passed over us when our train stopped at Sakura (佐倉 ), the place with the same name as sakura flower (櫻). We are only about fiften minutes latter then skyliner.

On the plane. Done reading an article in Newsweek titled "A miracle year", saying how bio-scientists had a major breakthrough in the year 2007. No hard English except for those biological terms. Can't call them difficult, they are quite innocent for being a word in the science domain. Regardless of the miracle that gene has been fully deciphered, it mentioned the failure of US gov investment on the biotech domain, and two success biotech enterprenurs. This must mean something.

On the highway taxi in Taiwan. Or like a privte illegal taxi. This is a pretty cloudy sunny weekend in Taiwan, and I almost forgot how it was in nippori already. Pretty much just like you've just wake up from a dream, then can't recall any content inside the dream. The context switched smoothly, and fast.

Last night before we went to bed, I was having a mini bowl of うどん, and them I wake up in my home, my own bed. Just like the feeling when you reach those horizontal separators in the middle of a chapter to tell you: It's a different storyline from here, be prepared.

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ー Lukhnos & Gugod, 作於表參道

(Update: Thanks kawasaki's patch)

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Launch at shimo-kitazawa, a nice place called "sunny brunch". Not really like an American way of brunch but more like a /lightweight lunch/, I'd say. It's a very big place, big tables, big walls with big painting on it.

A blond girl sitting right behind me talking totally loud in perfect English. This place must be very foreigner-friendly. She is almost the only one speaking in the room for most of the time.

My drink is a cup of cappuccino, but it comes without a cup, but a freaking big bowl.

My drink for lunch.

Very creative.

It seems to me that the concept of light-weight applys to every domain in this place. Wearing, decoration,interior design, meals. desert too. The cake we ordered is a piece of strawberry with cream muse. Not as sweet as you would guess it might be. Just the enought amount of sweet. That should be explain why there are so many young gilrls having launch here.

Found that the latest IWGP book is the 7th. G-boy fight or something. On the shelf of a book store named 古書ビビビ (Used book bi-bi-bi). Funny name.

At terrapin cafe

Small and family style. Old fashion funitute, a stylish place.

Another two sets of customers came in right after us. There is an interesting poster inside the restroom titled "greateful dead." It seems like that the name "terrapin" came from the band because the poster has a terrapin station and two turtles singing.

The wikipedia entry tells me that, Terrapin Station is the name of their album, and the album cover is actually the big poster in their rest room.

Found two comic books by 吉田戦車 at Book-off. Maybe I should get them.

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拜訪 Del Sole

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Del Sole 是橫山千尋先生的店,在銀座與六本木各有一家。

在吧台立飲的話,價格約為 75 折。有很多座位,可能有五十種不同的飲料。menu 上並列著日文及意大利文的品名(特別是各種咖啡及其變化)。店員之前,也以意大利文告知客人的點單內容。把咖啡端上我們這桌的那位服務生,胸前掛了塊牌,上頭寫著「Bambino」。

很明顯地便能看出這家店的店員分工很明確。Barista 宛如廚師一般,待在吧台內不斷沖煮咖啡,服務人員則不斷地接應進門的,以及離去的客人。此時立飲區來了個人,只有他可以直接在吧台與 Barista 聊天。

Caffe Macchiato Doppio 的味道,與 Caffe Macchiato Solo 的味道,幾乎完全一致,份量比例什麼的,拿得真是準確。服務人員的領班講話的聲音也真是宏亮。

喝完我這杯味道愉快的 Macchiato Doppio,又坐了幾十分鐘,在筆記本上隨意寫些字。卻想到:這家店所追求的,在飲料的水準之外,還有些什麼呢。對於曾經得過世界 Barista 比賽冠軍的橫山千尋先生來的店說,咖啡的味道之外,還有什麼值得追求的地方呢。




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JavaScript::Writer talk at Shibuya.pm

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我在 Shibuya.pm Tech Talk #8 的場子上講了最近所寫的 JavaScript::Writer。在 ustream.tv 上有錄影(http://ustream.tv/yappo/videos/PR2xPU.f0uaa9ZCbUf56gg)。

只花了一個晚上就整理完畢,真是辛苦 Shibuya.pm 的工作人員了。這場 Tech Talk 也很有意思,天南地北的主題都有。每位講者都有各別的錄影影片。( http://ustream.tv/search/recorded/tag/shibuya.pm )

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