String repeat in JavaScript, and as a jQuery extension.

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Repeating a string multiple times isn't as easy as in Perl that you say $str x 3. str * 3 simply gives you a NaN. So I wrote this textbook-code-example-like repeat() funciton, that takes a String and a Number, returns a new String.
function repeat(str, i) {
   if (isNaN(i) || i <= 0) return "";
   return str + repeat(str, i-1);

Putting it down as a jquery extension, it becomes this snippet:

        repeat: function(str, i) {
            if (isNaN(i) || i == 0) return "";
            return str + $.repeat(str, i-1);

It's used like this:

var rating = 3;
var star = "<img src='star.gif'>";

// Show some number of stars based on rating.
$("#rating").html( $.repeat(star, rating) )

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