This summer is going to be...

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Summer is going to be totally hot, and I'll need to change my cycling schedule. Two days ago I started riding from 10AM and the weather is so hot that I have to abort 30 minutes latter. And when I come home, I felt very uncomfortable and almost puked. That's not very nice.

One backup pipe in OPCafé's repository blew up and water were flew all over the place. Broke our freezer and the power adaptor of Mac Mini, and 3 boom boxes. That's very bad. (The Freezer is fixed, cost few houndrad of NTDs)

I will be paring with new college student on some Perl projects. That's nice. If it's going to be Perl6 then it'll be very challenging, but that's even better. HA.

And, OPCafé will hopefully move to a bigger place (with a big kitchen). That's nice too.

Anything that I'm worried about at this moment ? No. There are not. Good happenings goes with bad's. Smells like it's going to be good for the Summer 2007. Let's wait and see.