Ingy's status

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Ingy just finished his surgery on his left wrist, and had an external bone-fixer on it. They say the fracture is very bad, otherwise they usually use some internal fixer. This is the picture of that fixer (This image is mirrored, that hand is his left hand, not right hand):

Photo 117.jpg

This is the last surgery needed for Ingy from his car accident exactly one week ago. Doctor says he need to be stay in the hospital for at least one day or two to be obeserved. But he can now eat and drink normally, and get down the bed walking around the hospital.

So far we have this idea to make this rack an iPod holder and post our first hardware hack to MAKE magazine. It would be also very cool to make it hold UMPC or some sort of mobile phone on it.

Ideas are coming up, mash-ups are welcomed :)

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