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Keep going.

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I just finished a movie, and want to write down something.

I fixed a javascript bug for my work.

I put down 4 lines of English text in my new moleskine notebook.

It's now definitely the time to take a shower, and go to bed. Because it's just so hot in this spring night. No wind at all, pretty humid. Too much silence, some nervous, but mostly calm. Not feel saved with all those surrounding machine operation sound and echoing dog barf.

I met two good guys Steve and Jeff last night at dinner in that nice restaurant. They are very friendly, Steve is from Australia. Nice worked out body. Apparently exercising a lot. But I think he grok my name as "Do-kad" or something like that.

Whatever, that's like the least thing to be important.


在 Google Map 上的 opcafe

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我在幾個月以前就用 google earth 把 opcafe 的位置張貼到 keyhole 社群的 bbs 網站上。而最近 google map 加入了台灣的街道圖之後,也可以直接搜尋到 opcafe 了!可惜的是,我們這一段的石坊街,並沒有出現在 google map 的街道上,想來是地圖資料稍微舊了些。

連結:opcafe on google map


博客男女 / BlogGender

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yodao | 博客男女

I'm 81.0 male and 19.0 female. I really don't know how this is generated, but I'm really excited that it generated a pretty interesting comments which they apparently spent some amount of time to work on.

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Ingy got out of hospital

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After 8 days living in the hospital, ingy is now recovered enough to be out. Thanks for the help from tvcafe, lukhnos, hlb, clkao, knight, momizi, yinjieh, b6s, drbean, crucify, glasia (I don't know if I spell your name wrong or not, please correct me if it is wrong), jjjenq, coban, audrey, ilya, june, plasmaball, nurses, and doctors.


Ingy's status

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Ingy just finished his surgery on his left wrist, and had an external bone-fixer on it. They say the fracture is very bad, otherwise they usually use some internal fixer. This is the picture of that fixer (This image is mirrored, that hand is his left hand, not right hand):

Photo 117.jpg

This is the last surgery needed for Ingy from his car accident exactly one week ago. Doctor says he need to be stay in the hospital for at least one day or two to be obeserved. But he can now eat and drink normally, and get down the bed walking around the hospital.

So far we have this idea to make this rack an iPod holder and post our first hardware hack to MAKE magazine. It would be also very cool to make it hold UMPC or some sort of mobile phone on it.

Ideas are coming up, mash-ups are welcomed :)

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YAPC::Asia 2007 錄影

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感謝 Shibuya.pm 出力,把所有議程錄影,並轉檔、放上 Google Video,請點擊以下的連結觀看所有影片的列表:

YAPC::Asia 2007 Videos


YAPC::Asia 2007 終了

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今年的 YAPC 也很盛大地結束了。再度見到去年一起吃過飯的川崎先生,今年的他似乎變成了一位相當積極而活絡於社交活動的人。也許,是在派對的場合裡,喝了啤酒的關係吧(笑)。


20 分鐘的 Asynapse 的演講快速而簡短的結束了,感覺起來有點無法顧及全貌,還差一點點就可以把東西講得更詳細似的。在 osdc.tw 的演講想必還要再次寫一次投影片吧。而令人感到欣慰的是,演講結束的同時,在 Amazon 工作的 Emerson Mills (日文講得順溜溜的金髮平頭白人)以及 Catalyst 的 jrohttp://www2.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifckway,馬上表示這樣的概念絕對可行也很有興趣。而 obra 更是對 lukhnos 所做的 UIReflector(nib 轉換為 XHTML 的神器)大感讚同。如果這些事情可以逐一完工的話,整個 Asynapse 架構大圖想必可以著上不少鮮艷的色彩。這個星期的 Hackthon 也應該朝著這個方向進行才是吧。

另外也結識了於日本工作的 Gavin,在銀行工作、高個子、愛上日本東京城的英國人。一起在小居酒屋吃中飯時,還靠他「辨識」出不少菜單上的項目。真是辛苦了。

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