Widget.Lightbox 0.09 released..

Widget.Lightbox is an objective re-implementation of Lightbox JS (http://www.huddletogether.com/projects/lightbox/). It has several nice features:

  • Requires no extra image files
  • Requires no extra CSS files and rules
  • Optionally supports script.aculo.us effects library.
  • Optionally supports JSAN effects library.
  • Works on IE, Firefox, and Safari.

It's loaddable by JSAN, but not necessary. You can install this library following standard JSAN distribution installation.

Additional nice features:

  • Reentrant prevention. Friendly to programmers.
  • Customizable background color and opacity
  • Customizable callback when the box is shown / hidden
  • Can create necessary HTML on-the-fly, or using existing ones in the document.

Labels: javascript, jsan, widget.lightbox