A truly right click

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I recently find my self inventing many amazing sentences.

If you're a freelancer then it'll probably happen to you that You signed a working contract to one company A, but you really worked for some other company B. Because company A is only a money gateway to B, maybe it's because B is in another country, or there's some agreement about A and B. Anyhow, that's very possible.

By then, You are by default, have 4 bosses: two PMs, two big bosses: And I'm lucky enough, because I have only three. They are everywhere on network, Skype, MSN, AIM. You don't see their face, but they are popping up 7 windows on your poor little 1024x768px^2 working area. Don't get a bigger screen, it only helps to have 14 "boss".tagged() windows. Some of those bosses ask you to configure your MSN account to accept mobile SMS if you're not online, too.

Now I'd really like a function on either of those IM programs. Instead of right-click to send SMS to their mobile, could I have it right-clicked and get a shot-gun pointed to their head ?