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HeyShopping produce this I'm a Mac T-shirt for a while and now I decide to buy one. However, when I click the "Add to cart" item, it pops me this javascript error:

Error: missing ) after argument list
Source File: javascript:add_to_cart('3729','I'm a Mac (XL%E8%99%9F)','399',myform.buy_number_3729_2)
Line: 1, Column: 22
Source Code:
add_to_cart('3729','I'm a Mac (XL號)','399',myform.buy_number_3729_2)

Ok... looks like somebody doesn't handle string quoting at all. So what should I do now ? Contact them to fix this bug ? No. I hit the "shell bookmarklet" that has always been there on my Firefox personal toolbar, and type:

add_to_cart('3729',"I'm a Mac (XL號)",'399',myform.buy_number_3729_2)

Right, just change the bad string in the second argument to use double quote, and call that function. Alrighty, now the T-shirt is in my cart!

Ponder, didn't they ever wondering why the T-shirt doesn't sell as well as it should be ?

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| No Comments | No TrackBacks 是一個以 Catalyst 寫成的 Web 2.0 Application,它最近開始提供了以 OpenID 登入的能力。穿針引線的 Catalyst OpenID 外掛,則是由 miyagawa 寫的 Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::Credential::OpenID

串連 Microsoft 各種應用的 .Net Passport 自然無法與之相比。但比起新興的 Google Auth、Flickr Auth 等等,OpenID 長久以來雖然一直讓大家興趣缺缺的感覺,不過該完成的事項都還是有完成。而現在也已經有不少支持它的網站 。如 Blog 元老的 LiveJournal、後起之秀的vox.comZoomrWikitravel、也已經有 phpBB 的外掛可用。(目前支援 OpenID 的系統,完整列表請點此詳閱之。)就算是 Yahoo,也可透過idproxy來產生與 Yahoo 使用者相對應的 OpenID URL。嗯 OpenID 的登入字串格式,要是一個 URL ,非常奇怪是也。

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用雷射筆在大樓上亂畫畫。與前些年看見的 BlinkenLight 計畫有點相像。起碼拿大樓來「玩」的這個起點應該是一樣的。若以塗鴉者「愈難到達之地愈要下手」的精神比之,以整棟大樓牆面做畫實在極難。雖然所作之畫稍縱即逝,但在近遠處觀看作畫之過程,似乎是他們真正想要達成的一場表演。

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Widget.Lightbox 0.09 hits JSAN.

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Widget.Lightbox 0.09 released..

Widget.Lightbox is an objective re-implementation of Lightbox JS ( It has several nice features:

  • Requires no extra image files
  • Requires no extra CSS files and rules
  • Optionally supports effects library.
  • Optionally supports JSAN effects library.
  • Works on IE, Firefox, and Safari.

It's loaddable by JSAN, but not necessary. You can install this library following standard JSAN distribution installation.

Additional nice features:

  • Reentrant prevention. Friendly to programmers.
  • Customizable background color and opacity
  • Customizable callback when the box is shown / hidden
  • Can create necessary HTML on-the-fly, or using existing ones in the document.

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Blogger's Markdown User-script

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hlb這個作品修改了一下,接上showdown,效果不錯。原本就熟悉 markdown 的人,於是可以使用 markdown 來在 blogger 上寫文章了:hlb's blogger markdown

不過這東西需要使用 GreaseMonkey,也就是需要 Firefox 才可以使用。

使用 Safari的人,雖然可以裝 CreamMonkey來替代 GreaseMonkey,不過實際試過之後,無法成功地在 Blogger 寫文章的畫面中看見 toMakrdown 的連結,也就是說,不管用。

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