Bad Business Example

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OK, This is totally a complain.

So opcafe is really close to be open, and we're busy on it. Today should be the day that our lovely (rounded-corner) sign gets installed. So I called the sign vendor to confirm the time of installation, and found out that THEY DID NOT MAKE OUR SIGN.

There must be something wrong with all this. I issued the order, and pay 1/3 of the price in advance, gave them my design picture, and picked all the color number to used. 4 days latter, I got nothing.

They say: Sorry, we forgot.

I know that it's not a big sign, it's not like all their other cases, people always want a huge sign so people can see it up on the plane. But if that's how they do business, it's not likely that they'll be success to any extend, ironically "Success" is their company name.

So this failure company is of coursed banned, they gave us money back and we ask somebody else to do our sign.