MacBook Pro 的內建喇叭沒聲了

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今天我發現我的喇叭沒聲了,一打開 Sound preference pane 看,發現輸出的地方只有一個「Digital Output」,而不是本來有的「Internal Speaker」,再一看,耳機孔的地方射出紅色光線。原來是整個系統的輸出不知怎麼地被改為光纖輸出了。搜了一下,發現在 Macromors 的論壇上的討論:

MacBook Pro optical out won't turn off - Mac Forums: "Actually, it's a hardware problem with the combined analog/digital optical port. I found a thread on the Apple Discussion site ( ) that discusses it. Apparently, one solution is to stick a toothpick in the port and fiddle around until some sensor latch releases. Scary. Good thing I'm still covered under Applecare - this laptop's going in for some servicing!"

於是我找了根東西往耳機孔裡亂掏一陣,並同時打開 Sound preferences pane 看一下目前的變化,沒想到還真的就這樣給我調回來了。 真是亂七八糟。 (本文同時貼於 #osxchat blog)