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Emacs: my snippet.el

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Evers since I tried TextMate, I want the small code-completion magic of that. But I can't just switch to TextMate because it totally fsck up editing Chinese text. So I stick with Emacs, and search. Then I found this snippet.el, a TextMate template add-on for Emacs. It is so great and a little buggy so I made my on little modification of it: snippet.el, and made my on perl template for cperl mode: my-snippet.el. You guys may just download it to your lisp path and say:

(load "snippet")
(load "my-snippet")

To use this great tool.

Thanks the author of snippet.el, Pete Kazmier. You are great.

Kang-min Liu


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  • 台啤
  • 雞爪凍
  • 花生米
  • 海帶
  • 衛生紙
  • 料理東西軍


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A module does a very easy thing. It's an object that holds an array of data, and return them one by one on each invocation of next(). I'll probably add another interface to this module, like a stringify interface that returns stringified element:
my $rr = Data::RoundRobin->new(qw(a b));
print "$rr"; # a
print "$rr"; # b

Or, I'll add a Tie interface that makes it looks like some infinite long array:

tie @array,Data::RoundRobin;
push @array,qw(a b);
print $array[2]; # a
print $array[65535]; # b

They all look pretty cool.

We hacked, and blogged.

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Just one night before miyagawa came, we decided to found Chupei.pm, maybe the most powerful yet decentralized perl monger group among all PMs. Ingy and I are the cofounders, and we invited hlb to join us. The first event of Chupei.pm is a hackathon that is still going.

It has been three quiet days of us CPAN hackers in my house. We have a full house of perl hackers doing interesting projects. Hacker never sleeped, and never stop hacking, unless they are blogging. So it's totally like the "dining philosopher", sometimes these hacker are thinking and rehashing their mind, after that they grab their laptop and working on the beef.

So I worked on some JS in the first two days, and created something ingy and I called "Kjax". It's a new buzzword. Check it out at here.

miyagawa has finished really lots of things, he is really amazingly productive, just like audrey and clkao. Tonight hcchien arranged a dinner event, so we'll be having some easy conversation and be relax. But, yes, check out what we've finished here.

Realizing that I totally need to rehash about myself, I am blogging. I need to know what am I going to talk on YAPC::Asia and OSDC.tw. Maybe I'll talk more about this Kajax hack, but maybe there'll be something more before those two events.

Oh, and this new intel-based MacBook just released. I'll totally want one if it runs windows xp (whether inside qemu or just in a seperate harddrive partition) super-fast. ;)