On the last day in Amsterdam for me, since the n5m festival ends and we're finally have some free time, no socials and talks, we decided to rent bikes and starting to biking everywhere. Because we always walked around some nearby streets during the days of the n5m festival, biking in Amsterdam is a very new experience. The rent is 7 euro for the first day, and 5 for each successive days. Since I had only one day left, we rent only 3 bikes for 4 of us.

Biking around was very comfortable, mostly because the weather was very nice, not raining, not sunny, it was an average not-so-cloudy day. I first visited the Dam Square again, a great square, with artists, players, and one who played like a statue.

Then I visited the harbor, it's a little bit north of the Central Station, the harbor make me feels quiet, there is also a bungy jump center around there.

I kept wondering around, randomly chose the way to go, I went through a forest park, felt very fresh with the air. I saw a big community with nice parks, where children could play or running around, the neat house and streets. The only feeling about this place would be peace. When people or tourists visiting around the Centrum or Red Light district, they would never thought that there is such a nice community just a few kilometers away.

Going more south, and it's more different view again. The small houses and streets are gone, big buildings, roads and many cars shows. I guessed it is the commercial area of Amsterdam because those looks like some kind of office buildings.

The great thing of here is that, no matter where I went, there are many trees and the air is always fresh. I think they must spend lots of time to maintain the environment.

The only pity thing is that I didn't realize that I should visit the windmill village, to make some pictures.

Well, there are still times.

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