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Dancer is a minimal web-framework for Perl world, which is entirely inspired by Sinatra in the Ruby land.

It is really simple to start coding in Dancer:

use Dancer;

get "/" => sub {
    "Hello World"

get "/hello/:name" => sub {
    "Hello, " . params->{name}

Path-based dispatching rules are declared with get/post/put/delete keywords, mapping to a given action sub-routine, from which, whatever returned is the response of the request.

The recommended template system to work with Dancer is Template Toolkit, the state of the art. I supposed it should be able to switch among several template engines, but it is not done yet.

I tried to write a toy app with Sinatra + DataMapper a few weeks ago and it went great. This week I tried Dancer + KiokuDB, and that was a little bumpy road, honestly said. Hmm, it looks like there are plenty of room to improve in the Perl wonderland.

I appreciate people taking time doing the Dancer project. Such minimalistic web framework can blow people’s mind.

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Hey, it'd be interesting to know the issues you faced when connecting KiokuDB and Dancer, so that we can nail them down.

Great post!

Some time ago, I wrote a really simple wiki thing using KiokuDB + Dancer, more as a proof of concept/toy-thing though.

Hope this helps. :)

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