The Tatsumaki Move

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Instead of playing with Google Wave, I’m trying to write my own IRC client these days. Why ? Because I want to check IRC messages with my phone, and the solution of using screen+irssi all these years doesn’t cover that.

Turns out it is surprisingly trival.

AnyEvent::IRC::Client does a really nice work in detail dealing with the underlying IRC protocol, and the new shiny miyagawa-ware, Tatusmaki, nicely implemented message queue, keep the log of everything after started too. This nice little project made my weekend.

Before I release the code, let me show some screenshots:

The channel page:


The channel switcher at to top:


MobileSafari doesn’t work nicely with mxhr, it timesout in about 60 second. However the plain-old long-polling works just fine.

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Cool! I've been working on a similar IRC client that is using POE and long polling. Right now it is more focused on desktop usage, but it seems to work fine on the iphone as well.

Oh yeah, and I should note that we are using gravatars too. But our's are set as the IRC realname field. Users can set it to an image URL or a gravatar email.

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